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Divorce Archive - March 2015

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Divorce makes you poorer

It is an unfortunate time to be an ex-wife in the British media. First it was the hotly anticipated decision in Wyatt v Vince in the Supreme Court where (if one were to believe press reports) the ex-husband of the money-grubbing Ms Wyatt will be taken for his millions by his ex-wife of three decades. That was followed shortly afterwards by the... Read More

Pensions and divorce

The pension is often one of the largest assets in a divorce. It will make up part of the asset schedule once divorce proceedings have been instigated. After the surprise overhaul to pensions announced in the Budget 2014, both family and pension lawyers kept a very open ear to the announcements which may affect their clients. So, what are the... Read More

French dating site sued for inciting infidelity

French dating website Gleedon is being sued for allegedly inciting infidelity among its users. The dating site, which does indeed openly aim its services at married people, has incurred the wrath of the Association of Catholic Families (ACF), who are less than pleased with what it sees as Gleedon’s shameless attempts to undermine the... Read More

Law Commission consultation on enforcing financial orders

The Law Commission has published a consultation paper to explore how best to enforce family financial orders. Family courts have the power to make financial orders for the benefit of a spouse on the breakdown of marriage or civil partnership; sometimes also they’re made for the benefit of children. Very often they’ll be made when the parties... Read More

Wyatt v Vince: Supreme Court allows former wife's appeal

It’s a case that has transfixed the media over the course of proceedings, and now the Supreme Court has allowed the former wife Kathleen Wyatt’s appeal in Wyatt v Vince UKSC 15. The appeal is granted in respect of certain points of the Family Procedure Rules and overturns the Court of Appeal’s decision to strike out Ms... Read More

Managing Director Catherine Thomas on Wyatt v. Vince Supreme Court Ruling

Managing director Catherine Thomas has had a hectic day in the media spotlight. Following the handing down of judgment in the Supreme Court case of Wyatt v Vince UKSC 15, Catherine has taken up residence in the BBC studios for most of the day fielding interview questions from journalists keen for an expert opinion. The press has taken a strong... Read More

David Nicholls and the divorce rom-com

Man Booker Prize nominee David Nicholls has suggested the future of the genre lies in stories about 'silver splitter' divorces, a concept that has become a popular media topic ever since the Office for National Statistics published news of a rise in divorce among the over 60s population in 2013. Nicholls made the comments while... Read More

Do you need to get a ‘pet-nup’?

Dividing assets, and deciding who gets what, is often the hardest part of any divorce. When you are trying to decide who gets the family pet, it can be almost impossible. Indeed, for many years, it seemed that everyone was losing out: families fell to arguing about who got ‘custody’ of a pet and the pet in question was not... Read More
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