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Divorce Archive - February 2015

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How pensions are part of divorce

Minister of State for Pensions Steve Webb, speaking at a conference hosted by the Resolution Foundation, has pointed out how crucial it is that economically-weaker spouses, most often the wife, take their soon-to-be-ex-spouse’s future pension into account when addressing financial matters. Steve Webb's words are sound advice for anyone going... Read More

Mass civil weddings for Filipino couples in Dubai

There are over 500,000 Filipinos living in the United Arab Emirates, and as the demand for marriages in the region has increased, the Philippine Consulate in Dubai has come up with a solution: every Thursday it offers mass civil weddings to Filipinos working in the UAE. Just before Valentine’s Day, ten couples took advantage of the offer – and... Read More

Could Oscar-winning actors be at greater risk of divorce

In a seemingly bizarre bit of research, academics have discovered that male Oscar-winning actors face an increased likelihood of divorce. Apparently, winning a coveted Academy Award leads to a substitution of a gold statuette for a gold band. The data, from research conducted by academics at the National University of Singapore and the University... Read More

The stay-at-home husband: are things changing?

The financial proceedings in the case of Kirsten Turner and Rupert Nightingale have been a media favourite in recent weeks, and it’s easy to see why. The case involves a role reversal for husband and wife, with Ms Turner being a successful accountant and partner with PricewaterhouseCoopers – earning a reported annual salary of £420,000 –... Read More

For richer, for poorer…? How to split a lottery win on divorce

A lottery win for every couple means the start of a new life. For many, it’s the promise of one they’ve only ever dreamed of, free from financial limitations and worries, their dreams and wants finally given licence and means to take wing. For others, a large influx of money can exacerbate existing problems and lead to a... Read More
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