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Monthly Divorce Archives: October 2015

No Fault Divorce Bill passes first reading

No Fault Divorce Bill passes first reading

Richard Bacon, Conservative MP for South Norfolk has introduced a No Fault Divorce Bill into the House of Commons. What’s more, in news that will likely be... Read More

Sharland v Sharland a closer look

Sharland v Sharland: a closer look

On 14 October 2015, the UK Supreme Court handed down judgment in the case of Sharland v Sharland. Mr (H) and Mrs Sharland (W) separated in 2000, after... Read More

Gohil v Gohil A battle over disclosure

Gohil v Gohil: A battle over disclosure

Non-disclosure is at the heart of the Gohil v Gohil appeal. In 2004 Mrs Gohil (W) settled her financial claim with Mr Gohil (H) for a lump sum payment in final... Read More