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Divorce Archive - September 2014

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Harold Hamm: the $19 billion dollar man

A court in America is embarking on a nine week hearing which may result in the largest ever recorded divorce settlement. The case concerns Harold Hamm, the CEO and founder of the oil company Continental Resources. His 68% shareholding in the company is valued at about $19 billion. His second wife, Sue Ann Hamm, filed divorce proceedings following... Read More

What is the problem with criminalising controlling behaviour?

Following the recent public criticism of the way that police respond to domestic abuse in England and Wales, the government has launched a consultation to consider the current law on domestic abuse. The proposal is to introduce a new offence that specifically addresses controlling and threatening behaviour in intimate relationships, designed to... Read More

American billionaire Ken Griffin accused of undue pressure over prenup

A Chicago hedge fund manager has become embroiled in an acrimonious divorce, with contention arising over the signing of a prenup. Billionaire Ken Griffin, founder of Chicago’s largest hedge fund, Citadel LLC, has been accused by ex-wife Anne Dias-Griffin of pressuring her into signing the prenup only days before the wedding. Ken Griffin filed... Read More

Three ways to overcome non-disclosure

I have lost count of the number of times that a client has said to me "my spouse is very clever, he/she will not give proper financial disclosure and I won’t get my fair share upon divorce". It’s a fair concern: cases of non-disclosure are widely reported in the press and there are, unfortunately, a lot of cheats out there. The reality,... Read More

Reviewing bank account statements during divorce

During a divorce process, each spouse is required to complete full financial disclosure using a standard form, the Form E. One of the standard requirements of the Form E is to provide details of all bank accounts, and one year’s worth of statements for each account. Bank account statements can be a treasure trove of information. When I am... Read More

Peak divorce time? After many a summer…

“After many a summer…dies the swan” wrote Tennyson, only he was pondering the end of youth rather than the end of a marriage. It could just as easily refer to a breakup, however, with swans being famously symbolic of monogamy and commitment; it’s also quite appropriate given the marked rise in divorce enquiries the... Read More
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