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Divorce Archive - February 2014

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Religious marriage and divorce: Islam

A valid Islamic marriage requires mutual agreement, two adult witnesses and a marriage gift (mahr) to be paid by the groom to the bride. Many Muslim couples also have a marriage contract (nikah) in which they seek to agree the terms and conditions of their future together. These conditions are sufficient to create an Islamic marriage in... Read More

Catholics at odds with Catholic doctrine

A recent poll published in the Guardian, Washington Post, La Repubblica and El Pais shows that most Catholics are no longer in agreement with what the Church teaches on several social issues. These include contraception, abortion and divorce. The poll was commissioned by Univision, the US Spanish-language network, which asked 12,000 Catholics... Read More

Divorce and the recession

The recession is responsible for several recent statistics, but this one will come as a shock to some. The Office for National Statistics (ONS) has released figures to show that divorces increased by 0.5% from 2012, with the number of divorces hitting 118,140. In 2012 there were 13 divorces granted each hour, and half of those divorces occurred in... Read More

Matrimonial property regimes: the French prenup

In France it is commonplace to enter into a contract upon marriage which regulates the ownership and transmission of marital assets. There are a variety of marital property regimes for couples to choose from which govern the ownership of property between spouses and determine how that property is divided and inherited at the end of the marriage.... Read More

The effect of divorce on a will

It has been said that the only certainties in life are death and taxes. From this you can take one piece of advice: make a will. Divorce proceedings result in several changes of which both parties are aware and, worryingly, changes of which they are often unaware. One of the most significant is the effect that a divorce will have on a will.... Read More

When assets take the form of jewellery

Family law, like civil law, is subject to the overriding objective. This means that judges have to ensure that, as far as is practicable, matters are dealt with expeditiously and fairly and in a way that is proportionate to the nature, importance and complexity of the issues. Yet retired divorcee Judith Saunders has spent five years and, she... Read More

The need for no-fault divorce: the blame game

Divorce in England is still based on an archaic fault-based process. Even though the reason for divorce will normally make no difference to how the family’s finances are divided or to the arrangements that are made in relation to children, under the law someone has to be held responsible for the demise of the marriage. In the mid... Read More

Sharland v Sharland: Court of Appeal judgment

The Court of Appeal has this week given judgment in the controversial case of Sharland v Sharland EWCA Civ 95, agreeing (two judges to one) with Sir Hugh Bennett’s initial decision that the husband’s fraudulent non-disclosure should not lead to the parties’ financial provision order being set aside, because the court had not been led into... Read More

When it comes to divorce, who gets the family pet?

Whilst walking through the corridors of the Principal Registry of the Family Division, I have been surprised at the number of negotiations I have overheard regarding the family dog. A recent survey by The Pet Owners Association found that 20% of all separation proceedings that involve custody of a pet have resulted in contested divorces;... Read More
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