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Monthly Divorce Archives: November 2014

Oil magnates wife to appeal 1 billion divorce award

Oil magnate’s wife to appeal $1 billion divorce award

A couple of months ago, my colleague Cate Maguire reported on the Hamm v Hamm divorce case, then making its way through the Oklahoma courts. Judgment in... Read More

Is it time for no-fault divorce

Is it time for no-fault divorce?

A year ago this month, the 2013 Grant Thornton Matrimonial Survey was published in its tenth edition. It was notable because the leading concern for the family... Read More

The seven year itch is no more

The seven year itch is no more!

According to the Office for National Statistics, there has been a decrease in the number of divorces taking place after short marriages. Official figures show... Read More

Catherine of Aragons divorce letter comes to auction

Catherine of Aragon’s divorce letter comes to auction

A letter from Catherine of Aragon, which asks for help from the pope to prevent her marriage being annulled, is up for auction in Paris. Henry VIII’s scorned... Read More

Compensation in divorce proceedings Part 1

Compensation in divorce proceedings: Part 1

Should the division of finances following divorce take into account the fact that one party to the marriage has sacrificed a potentially high-earning capacity... Read More