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Divorce Archive - 2013

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Twitter war over hidden shares

A New York man is suing his former wife for allegedly hiding Twitter shares now worth between $10 million and $50 million during their divorce. Stuart Strumwasser and Jennifer Johnson divorced in 2006, and have twin nine-year-old sons. Mr Strumwasser pays $2,465 a month in child support, according to court papers, but alleges that his former... Read More

Are attitudes towards sex and divorce in the UK changing?

This week’s National Survey of Sexual Attitudes and Lifestyles suggested that people on average are having only two-thirds as much sex as in 2001. The once-a-decade study, overseen by academics from the world-leading University College London and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, showed that a man was having sex 4.9 times a... Read More

Use of confidential documents in divorce

Contrary to popular belief, husbands and wives are entitled to privacy against each other. You must take these duties seriously, as there could be both civil and criminal sanctions for you if you obtain or use confidential documents during your financial proceedings which belong to your spouse. What count as confidential documents? These can be... Read More

The importance of prenuptial agreements

Prenuptial agreements have now become a crucial way to ensure the protection of assets, something which is important for all individuals intending to marry to be aware of. Since 2010, the courts of England and Wales have been willing to uphold the autonomy of individuals who enter into an agreement regarding how their assets will be divided in... Read More

Court gives husband a golden incentive to return wife's jewellery

Mr Justice Holman, a senior High Court judge, recently offered a divorced husband an incentive of £10,000 in order to assist his former wife in recovering various missing items of jewellery. The parties were unable to resolve financial matters and the case proceeded to a final hearing. The husband and wife were both academics and the... Read More

Nuptial Settlements

Somewhat surprisingly, there is no statutory definition of a nuptial settlement. The guidance of Lord Nicholls in Brooks v Brooks AC 375 offers a helpful starting point: a trust that makes “some form of continuing provision for the parties…” is a broad definition that should “embrace all settlements in respect of the... Read More

Managing Director Catherine Thomas is featured in The Lawyer

To read the feature, click here Read More

Cohabitation Rights Bill

The Cohabitation Rights Bill had its first reading in the House of Lords on 9 October 2013. The bill proposes that cohabitees who have lived together as a couple for two years or more, and/or have a child together, will have the right to apply for financial remedies. The bill does not go so far as to offer cohabitees the full range of financial... Read More

Managing Director Catherine Thomas is featured in The Global Legal Post

Catherine Thomas, Senior Director at Vardags, who represented Michelle Young, reflects on the conclusion of the landmark case Young v Young and predicts an increase on the horizon of many more cases involving non-disclosure and asset hiding in the ‘cat and mouse’ game of international divorce. Read the feature here   Read More

Shadow directors beware: M v M and the application of Prest

The recent decision of the High Court in M v M EWHC 2534 (Fam) saw the award of £53 million to the wife, an award thought to be the highest to date in a contested divorce. The case involved assets of over £107 million and provides family lawyers with a lengthy and descriptive judgment, applying the principles set out in the... Read More
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