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Criminal Law Archive - 2017

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A new Sentencing Code: Tidying up sentencing law

A new consultation which looks to simplify sentencing law has been launched by the Law Commission. The project was set up in 2015, and having gone through the initiation and pre-consultation stages, the Law Commission launched the official consultation stage of the project on 27 July 2017. It is open until 26 January 2018. This will allow... Read More

Outrage continues as Russia’s bill to soften domestic violence laws approaches second reading

Women’s rights groups are protesting against Russia’s recent move to decriminalise domestic violence. The bill breezed through its first reading with 386 votes to 1 and is due to return for its second of three readings in the Duma next week before it passes to parliament’s upper house. Under the new ‘slapping... Read More
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