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Yearly Wills & Trusts Archives: 2018

What happens to your bitcoin when you die?

It is believed that of the 21 million bitcoins in circulation, up to 4 million have been lost forever. Anonymous, unregulated and with irrev… Read More

Scottish man who murdered his mother made executor of her estate

A man from Fife serving a life sentence for murdering his mother has been the executor of her estate since her death. Ross Taggart bludgeoned and strangled his mother Carol to dea… Read More

Charles Manson’s body is to be released to his grandson

A judge in California has ended the battle over custody of Charles Manson’s remains by awarding custody to Ja… Read More

Ken Dodd diddles the taxman by marrying two days before death

Legendary British comedian Sir Ken Dodd has got the last laugh after he married his long-term partner two days before his death, thereby avoiding substantial inheritance tax on his estate… Read More

French rock’n’roller Johnny Hallyday’s adult children fight over €100m inheritan...

The man who brought rock’n’roll to France, Johnny Hallyday, passed away near Paris last December, aged 74. After the country came together to mourn the national treasure, Read More

Whitlock v Moree: inheriting joint bank accounts

In the case of Whitlock v Moree, the Privy Council held that a surviving joint bank account holder is entitled to the beneficial interest in the monies held even when the deceased had pai… Read More

Government launches power of attorney refund scheme after 4 years of overchargin...

The Ministry of Justice has launched the Power of Attorney Fee Refund Scheme for those who were overcharged for their arrangements… Read More