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Yearly Family Law Archives: 2018

White gave us equality, Radmacher, autonomy: Ayesha Vardag's lecture on the bigg...

It was a tragic case. There were two sex workers, both with young babies. One died in a tragic cot death, and the mother, in paroxysms of grief, went in th… Read More

Cohabitation: exposing the myth of the ‘common law marriage’ and distinguishing...

  The way we were: historically there was respectable marriage which conferred financial dependence and security on women. Outside, a world of defiance of convention and no… Read More

One Nest or Two?

There is a lot to think about when you make the life-changing decision to get divorced including, most immediately, the arrangements for the care and long term welfare of children of the… Read More

Heterosexual couples to be allowed to enter into civil partnerships

Today’s announcement gives opposite-sex couples the same choices which are available to same-sex couples as to how, if at all, they formalise their partnerships. &nbsp… Read More

Divorce rates over the century

The 20th century was a century of decline for marriage. Legal changes in the thirties and then the seventies allowed people to divorce far more easily and changing attitudes be… Read More

Drop in controversial forced adoption cases

A number of stories appear on the media on forced adoption in the UK, setting out the highly emotional stories of the children being placed for adoption, against the will of loving relati… Read More

Who is the new president of the Family Division?

The Rt Hon Sir Andrew McFarlane has been appointed by Her Majesty The Queen as the President of the Family Division. Sir Andrew McFarlane will become president from 28 July 2017 following… Read More