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Monthly Divorce Archives: July 2018

Mills v Mills: Supreme Court finds ex-husband shouldn't have to bail out former...

The years of extensive litigation over the wife’s case for increase in spousal maintenance and husband’s case in the reduction of the same in… Read More

Courts announce crackdown on 'parental alienation'

Parents could have access to their children restricted if they try to turn them against their child’s other parent, under a trial process about to be rolled out by Cafcass, the Chil… Read More

Can the family court enforce charging orders over property? VS v RE [2018] EWFC...

The recent case of VS v RE reviews the enforcement of charging orders over the property as to which court is the appropriate forum to enforce such order, following Munby P’s guidanc… Read More

US tax changes incentivize divorce

Upcoming tax changes in the US will affect spousal maintenance on divorce, incentivising wealthy families to kick-off divorce proceedings sooner rather than later “for tax reasons&r… Read More