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Monthly Family Law Archives: April 2018

Steinfeld and Keidan crowdfund for civil partnership battle

Charles Keiden and Rebecca Steinfeld are a couple who have been together for seven years. Although they have two children and are committed to each other, they do not wish to get married.… Read More

Woman left nothing in will by partner of 40 years wins Inheritance Act claim

The High Court has ruled in favour of an elderly woman in h… Read More

Rising number of grandparents going to court for access to grandchildren

A growing number of grandparents in Britain are t… Read More

Litigants in person and how technology may help to reduce the financial burden o...

More than four in ten applications to the civil division of the Court of Appeal now come from litigants in person. The surprising figure was highlighted by Sir Thomas Etherton, Master of… Read More

Upcoming amendments to Family Procedure Rules

The Family Procedure Rules govern the practices and procedures used in the Family Court, as well as those used in family proceedings in the High Court, in England and Wales. Amend… Read More

Is mediation losing popularity?

In figures recently released by the Ministry of Justice, October to December 2017 saw a 15% decline in ‘mediation starts’ compared to the same quarter in the preceding year. Read More

Protracted children law proceedings descend into “corrosive” shouting match

A protracted set of children law proceedings has been described as at one point descending into an uncivilised “shouting match”. The High Court case  Read More