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Monthly Divorce Archives: April 2018

Ex Fox News host attempts to sue ex wife's divorce lawyer

A judge has blocked ex- Fox News host Bill O'Reilly's attempt to quash subpoenas served to his divorce lawyer and his personal accountant. This is only the latest development in O… Read More

The disappearing £340,000 in the case of S v S

Many a divorce may involve a couple who are in dispute not about who should get what, but where the assets are in the first place. In this case, the husband wished to appeal a decision th… Read More

A man who forged his sick wife's signature on divorce papers has been jailed

Welshman Nicky Jones, 44, was found guilty of committing the fraud and jailed for eight months. He Read More

Denmark: a study in easy divorces

Denmark turns out to have an astonishingly high divorce rate, with a speedy and cheap divorce process to match. Statistics Denmark revealed that 42.7%… Read More

High earners’ income post-divorce will be protected: how a wife’s bid for higher...

A woman applying for higher maintenance payments from her ex-husband has found her request Read More

Vanessa Trump to divorce Donald Trump Jr

Vanessa Trump is suing her husband, the eldest son of US President Donald Trump, for divorce. She has filed for an unconte… Read More