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Monthly Family Law Archives: January 2018

Children of parent with learning disability to be taken into permanent care

Placing children into foster care or with adoptive families can spark fierce and heart-rending debate, especially when a parent suffers from a disability. Under the Read More

Fawcett Society criticises failure of UK legal system to support women and girls

Earlier this month, the renowned Fawcett Society released the long-anticipated Read More

What's in a name? Married names after divorce

A familial, ethnic, or gendered marker, legally inscribed but variable. Feminist movements and globalisation have driven a major shake up of naming traditions, but diversity has done noth… Read More

Alabama Senate passes bill to eliminate marriage licenses

The Alabama Senate voted on January 16th 19-1 to pass a bill that would eliminate the requirement for… Read More

Child who went missing with her mother during care proceedings is found safe

Four-year-old Elliana Shand became the subject of much concern after she went missing with her mother, Jessie Richards, whilst proceedings surrounding her future care were ongoing in the… Read More

Singaporean man to appeal decision preventing him from adopting surrogate child

A Singaporean man, whose name has not been released because the case involves a minor, is set to appeal the Singaporean court’s decision which left him unable to adopt his biologica… Read More

Ukrainian businessman’s ex-wife awarded £2 million after post-nuptial deed uphel...

In 2009, businessman Mr Oleksander Yedin signed a deed with his partner promising to make certain financial provision for her upon their separation. Mrs Iryna Yedina sought to enforce tha… Read More