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Monthly Family Law Archives: March 2017

Judge grants polyamorous triad shared custody rights

In New York's Suffolk County, Supreme Court Judge H. Patrick Leis III granted three adults who were formerly engaged in a polyamorous relationship "tri-custody" of their 10-year-old son.… Read More

Nullity, and how to void a marriage to a fraudster

An Australian woman who was married and divorced by a fraudster without her knowledge, has  Read More

Scotland to criminalise emotional abuse and neglect of children

Scotland’s Minister for Childcare and Early Years has announced that Scotland will soon be criminalising the emotional neglect and abuse of children. This new legislation will come… Read More

Holman J calls Facebook “a useful tool in the armoury” in adoption proceedings

The Honourable Mr Justice Holman, sitting in the Manchester family court, has expressed the merit of using Facebook to ascertain the whereabouts of a birth parent in order to serve them n… Read More

Former couple settle 'titanic' divorce battle over holiday home

After racking up legal costs amounting to £800,000, an estranged married couple have finally put to bed their dispute over a jointly-owned house in Ireland's County Galway. Michael… Read More

Curiosities of common law marriage

Common law marriage – the idea that a couple can obtain marital rights by living together without a formal ceremony – is a pervasive and dangerous myth in England and Wales. P… Read More

Security v Stability: leave to remove and financial provision in G v S [2017] EW...

The Heads of Agreement of a Schedule 1 Children Act case between a millionaire and his partner have been amended to allow the mother to move jurisdiction with her daughter with the father… Read More