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Monthly Family Law Archives: March 2017

Family Justice Bill has first reading in House of Commons

A 'Family Justice' Bill which seeks to shake up family proceedings had its first reading in the House of Commons this week. Suella Fernandez, the Conservative MP for Fareham,… Read More

K v K: Consideration of conflicting facts and a decree of nullity

In this case, the parties agreed that they were not lawfully married so the court had to consider whether the petiti… Read More

House of Lords report raises concerns about family law in post-Brexit Britain

The House of Lords EU Justice Sub-Committee this week  Read More

Best friends legally become ‘co-mommas’ for the first time in Canada

Two women have become the first non-romantic pair to be legally recognised as co-parents in Canada. Natasha Bakht and Lynda Collins are best friends and now both mothers to Natasha’… Read More

Was your marriage a mistake? A look into void marriages

It is sadly not uncommon for couples to come to see their marriage as a mistake. For some celebrities, this can happen within a matter of hours, whilst for the so-called “silver spl… Read More

Portioning out pensions in Goyal v Goyal (No 3)

This case picked up from Mostyn J’s decision in Goyal v Goyal (No 2) EWFC 50. Following the Court of Appeal’s decision to overturn the pension order, Mostyn J heard t… Read More

Iraqi MP proposes state-incentivised polygamy to help war widows

A female Iraqi MP has proposed financial incentives for polygamy in the hopes of providing husbands for the country's m… Read More