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Monthly Wills & Trusts Archives: November 2017

Unsent text message accepted as a valid will in Australia

The Queensland Supreme Court last month recognised an unsent draft text message to be an… Read More

9th Earl Bathurst and his stepmother battle over 8th Earl's will for Cirencester...

Gloria, the Dowager Countess Bathurst, widow of the 8th Earl Bathurst (known as Henry ‘Barmy’ Bathurst) is involved in a legal battle with the current earl over the… Read More

The Duke of Westminster’s £9 million inheritance prompts call for tax reform

The death of the sixth Duke of Westminster has sparked renewed efforts to reform the way inheritance tax is levied. Gerald Cavendish Grosvenor passed away in August 2016. The late… Read More

National Trust to inherit millions from businessman with dementia despite his bi...

The National Trust is set to inherit millions from a wealthy businessman, despite the fact that his will was written before a significant event that dramatically changed his feelings towa… Read More