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Monthly Divorce Archives: October 2017

Property tycoon Andy Ruhan pleads poverty and wife denies hiring hitman in bitte...

Successful businessman Andy Ruhan, thought to be worth about £200 million, although divorce papers valued his assets at £8.3 million, has pleaded poverty against his wife&rsqu… Read More

Princess of Luxembourg chooses UK courts for her divorce

It has been confirmed that Princess Tessy of Luxembourg has launched proceedings in London to settle a dispute with Prince Louis over their divorce settlement. The background Read More

Wife ‘tricked into divorce’ wins UK battle with millionaire husband

An Irishwoman, who claims she was ‘tricked into a divorce’, has won a dispute against her estranged millionaire husband. Iranian businessman, Mehrdad Radseresht, 72, a… Read More

Harvey Weinstein's wife to leave him

Georgina Chapman has announced her decision to leave Harvey Weinstein following the numerous claims for sexual assault and rape made against him. To date, three women have accused Weinste… Read More

Property billionaire claims fake marriage to protect fortune

An investment CEO has crafted a way to protect his billion pound fortune in the event of divorce: claim he was never married. The case came into the public eye on Wednesday after… Read More

Divorce is in your DNA, new research finds

A new study has shown that proneness to divorce may not be governed, as we currently think, by nurture, but by nature. Through looking at adopted children, researchers of Virginia Commonw… Read More