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Yearly Wills & Trusts Archives: 2016

Unending care costs and lasting power of attorney

This week, the cost of care has taken centre stage in UK politics. The ballooning elderly population is putting a strain on the NHS, and friends and relatives acting as carers. People may… Read More

Feeling charitable? How donations to charity can offset your inheritance tax

As it approaches Christmas, the season of good will, people become more generous toward their friends, family and, in many cases, favourite charities. According to the Charities Aid Found… Read More

Private Client: a lesson in psychology

Rebecca Adlington says in this week’s The Lady that her greatest fear is death, which I find strange since death is not something that you can control. I prefer Russell Cro… Read More

Record number of court challenges to power of attorney arrangements

Over the last three years, the number of power of attorney revocations has risen by 153%, according to data obtained under the Freedom of Information Act. Power of attorney a… Read More

Man finds €3.5m worth of gold in his inherited house

n unnamed Frenchman quite literally struck gold when he inherited a house in Normandy from a deceased relative. After the anonymous heir began moving around furniture in his new abode, he… Read More

The battle over Tom Clancy’s estate

The beneficiaries of the American novelist and video game designer have found themselves in a dispute over tax payable on his estate. Clancy was best known for his espionage and military-… Read More

Unexpected, inexplicable, unfair, and improper: wills and mental incapacity

The Clinton health conspiracies have been a remarkable demonstration of the joy people take in pathologising the frailties of others. A fainting fit at a 911 m… Read More