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Yearly Family Law Archives: 2016

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Child protection within the family: a case study

Sitting before Her Honour Judge Purkiss in the East London Family Court, the London Borough of Newham was instructed to provide support and keep watch for the three children (aged six, fi… Read More

The first female lawyers (part 2)

In my previous post, we became acquainted with Arabella Mansfield and Charlotte E. Ray, two of the first women to be cal… Read More

Fiction vs family law: Kylo Ren, cults and child custody

Next to Marvel, Star Wars is one of the biggest ever film franchises, and with at least four more films in the works following the success of The Force Awakens,… Read More

FGM and forced marriage: new UK statistics

Statistics have recently been released on forced marriage reports and reported FGM cases. Forced marriage reports The Forced Marriage Unit works on the Government’s forc… Read More

What a difference a day makes: a closer look at the FPR

Earlier this week, I wrote on Sir James Munby’s speech to the… Read More

Annulment for non-consummation

Any Friends fan will be able to recall Ross and Rachel, post-Vegas, post-drunken-wedding, and remember that they were desperate to annul their marriage on the basis tha… Read More

Groom seeking groom: the case for gay arranged marriage in modern India

“Seeking 25-40, Well-Placed, Animal-Loving, Vegetarian GROOM… Caste no bar (Though IYER preferred)”. The matrimonial ad, posted last year by Padma Iyer in Mumba… Read More