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Yearly Family Law Archives: 2016

An end to state-issued marriage licences in Alabama?

The Alabama Senate voted on Tuesday for a bill that wil… Read More

Man who claimed ex-partner was just a lodger ordered to hand over share of his h...

Michael Burton, from Notton near Wakefield, has been ordered to sell his £435,000 home and give a share of the proceeds to his former partner, Kristina Linden. Burton claimed that L… Read More

Is 'Cyanide' a girl's name?

The Court of Appeal has upheld the decision of Swansea Family Court to deny a mother the parental right to r… Read More

The Musas: when cultural differences meet child protection

Cultural differences can cause all sorts of awkward or embarrassing misunderstandings – HSBC made countless adverts where the central conceit was someone failing to fit in with a differen… Read More

Domestic violence and no contact orders

Children are often the incidental victims of abusive adult relationships, and domestic violence can impact on how the courts make child arrangement orders. Being exposed to violen… Read More

Cross-border surrogacy and the trouble with triplings

A gay couple from New Zealand have been struggling to bring home their ‘triplings’ from Mexico. Triplings are babies using the same sperm and egg donors, but born from differe… Read More

Same-sex couples seeking IVF on the NHS face discrimination

The NHS is being criticised after refusing fertility treatment to same-sex couples in Northern Ireland, as their sexuality inevitably means they are incapable of meeting the strict criter… Read More