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Yearly Family Law Archives: 2016

Justice Committee discuss impact of Brexit on family law

A number of key legal practitioners gave evidence on 20 December 2016 to the Justice Committee’s inquiry on the implication of Brexit on the justice system. It is reported that they… Read More

Child protection and family fragility

Legal Action for Women published a dossier this week, with the intent of addressing what it describes as “the traumatic and discriminatory treatment of children, mothers and grandmo… Read More

A wicked stepmother: daughters claim that their late millionaire father was coer...

This week, the High Court heard a dispute over a deceased man’s will, which included a clause that gave his wife control over his daughters’s £9M trust fund. Richard Tho… Read More

Reproductive charity calls for return of donor anonymity amidst sperm shortage

Last week, fertility specialist Dr Luciano Nardo, called for the reversal of th… Read More

Court orders that it is "essential" for children to see father who has left Ultr...

The West London family court at Barnet has ruled in a contested custody case that it is "essential" for the children of a divorced Jewish couple to continue to see their father. The child… Read More

A potted history of the prenup

If he marries another woman, he must not deprive the first one of her food, clothing and marital rights.       Exodus 21:10:11 If you ain&rsquo… Read More

Sharia, legal pluralism and human rights: a discussion with Dr Elham Manea

Dr Elham Manea is a Senior Fellow at the European Foundation for Democracy and Associate Professor of Middle East Studies at Zurich University, a writer and a human rights activ… Read More