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Monthly Divorce Archives: July 2016

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Divorced pilot who barricaded himself in marital home faces jail

Peter Elliott, a 49 year-old helicopter pilot who has refused to leave the £500,000 farmhouse he shared with his ex-wife Leonie Butler could face a six month prison sentence for bre… Read More

Snooping technology is proving increasingly useful in divorce cases

Suspect your partner might be cheating? There’s an app for that. An increase in the number of programs that can be downloaded and used to snoop on someone else’s phone or onli… Read More

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Divorce and similar stressors are not causes of breast cancer, study reveals

New research has shown that divorce and other stress factors such as bereavement do not cause breast cancer, contrary to popular belief. The Institute of Cancer Research began the… Read More

Woman who flew to Tunisia for divorce proceedings feared missing

The family of a British woman who travelled to Tunisia in order to attend a court hearing regarding her divorce from a Tunisian national have grown increasingly concerned about her wherea… Read More

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Excessive school tuition budget slammed by High Court judge

In an unreported High Court case, Roberts J has refused to award a mother an additional tuition fund for her already privately educated children. The mother applied for £150… Read More

Juffali v Juffali – Roberts J sends ‘needs’ into the stratosphere

Christina Estrada Juffali, the former Pirelli model, applied for financial relief under Part III of the Matrimonial and Family Proceedings Act 1984 from her former husband Dr Walid Juffal… Read More

Resolution hopeful new Justice Secretary will implement no fault divorces

Resolution has warmly welcomed the new Justice Secretary, the Rt. Hon Liz Truss. Nigel Shepherd, Resolution Chair, Read More