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Monthly Divorce Archives: May 2016

Catherine Thomas on Johnny Depp’s divorce for 5 News

Hot on the heels of the revelation that Johnny Depp and Amber Heard are divorc… Read More

Over 50 and seeking a divorce? Be prepared to sell your family home

Almost a third of divorces between couples over 50 years of age results in the family home being sold, Read More

Amber Heard files for divorce from Johnny Depp

After 15 months of marriage, actress Amber Heard is to divorce Johnny Depp, on the ground of irreconcilable differences. Court documents obtained by celebrity news site … Read More

Prison for married couple who breached financial orders

Her Honour Judge Hudson, sitting in the Family Court at Newcastle-Upon-Tyne last month, ruled that an ex-husband and his new w… Read More

France proposes divorce by mutual consent - without a judge

Today marks the commencement of a new parliamentary session here in the UK, which has promised to bring a second reading of the No-Fault Divorce bill in the House of Commons. If passed in… Read More

The history of our grounds for divorce

In English law there is only one 'ground' for divorce- 'irretrievable breakdown of a marriage' – but there are five ‘facts’ that can constitute this: adul… Read More

Widow loses out on £6M divorce settlement after husband dies during proceedings

Mari Vindis is contesting her late husband’s will, which left her with £36,000 -pittance compared to the £6 million she alleges she would have gained in her divorce, had… Read More