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Monthly Divorce Archives: March 2016

Virtual visitations: children and access in the internet age

There’s no denying that divorce can be difficult, and it’s often made more so when there are children involved. But what if your soon-to-be ex-spouse, as well as angling for sole residenc… Read More

Don McLean accused of domestic abuse, wife files for divorce

Patricia McLean has filed for divorce from her husband, “American Pie” singer and songwriter Don McLean. Her lawyer stated that the legal papers cited, “adultery, cruel and abusiv… Read More

The financial consequences of not negotiating

In 2014, news broke that Nick Robertson, founder of fashion site ASOS, was leaving his wife and starting divorce proceedings. At the time, it was reported that Mr Robertson had left the f… Read More

Eddie The Eagle announces divorce

Michael Edwards, better known as “Eddie the Eagle” has announced his divorce. The former Olympic ski jumper was married to Samantha Morton for 13 years. The couple wed… Read More