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Monthly Family Law Archives: January 2016

Doing it for themselves: Why I’ll always fight to empower women and children

Working as a divorce lawyer can be a game of two halves. As an entrepreneur, lawyer and employer, I work alongside some of the br… Read More

Possible online avenues for the Small Claims Court

The interim report from Lord Justice Briggs exploring possible online avenues for the Small Claims Court was published this week. Read More

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Fiction vs Family Law: gaslighting in The Archers

As promised in the last blog, we’re checking back in on Rob and Helen from The Archers. You can read the Read More

China adopts its first ever domestic violence law

There's something you may have missed over the festive period. While in England we were taking in the news of the Serious Crime Act 2015 (SCA 2015) and its implications for coercive contr… Read More

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Inclusion of mothers’ names on marriage certificates rejected

Only the fathers of the bride and groom are currently listed on marriage certificates in Britain. MP Christina Rees proposed legislation last month to add space for mothers. This has sinc… Read More

Interview with Professor Rosemary Hunter

Professor Rosemary Hunter is a lecturer in family law, jurisprudence and legal theory as well as being a specialist in socio-legal studies and gender at Queen Mary, University of London. Read More

The Children Act by Ian McEwan

Those brave writers and filmmakers who turn their pens on the professions are almost always met with a pedantic chorus of eye-rolling and fact-checking: witness the discontented responses… Read More