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Yearly Wills & Trusts Archives: 2015

Contesting a will: due execution

There are various ways of contesting a will. One of these, as seen in the case of Royal National Institute for Deaf People and others v Turner EWHC 3301, is over the lack of… Read More

Lucian Freud’s will and the secret trust

The celebrated painter Lucian Freud stated in his 1954 article ‘Some Thoughts on Painting’: "Whether it will convince or not, depends entirely on what it is in itself, what is… Read More

High court upholds will in favour of handyman

Bob the Builder’s claim that he can fix anything would seem to include wills following the judgment published on 1st May in the case of Read More

Election promises on inheritance tax: £1 million tax free

The Coalition Government has decided not to increase the inheritance tax (IHT) exemption thresholds before the general election in May. However, at the weekend the Conservatives announced… Read More