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Yearly Divorce Archives: 2015

Managing a marital crisis at Christmas

We have all seen the heart-wrenching scene from Love Actually in which the doting wife and mother discovers that her husband has bought an expensive necklace&… Read More

Dispute Resolution Week promotes constructive resolution of familial strife

The aftermath of Resolution's annual Dispute Resolution Week in late November, with Christmas and New Year on the immediate horizon, is a good time to reflect on the lack of awareness of… Read More

No Fault Divorce Bill to receive second reading

The No Fault Divorce Bill is to receive a second reading on 22 January 2016. It successfully  Read More

Japan upholds archaic marriage laws

This week Japan had the chance to consider two of its long-standing marriage laws this week, when the Supreme Court will consider claims brought by five women.… Read More

Pension attachment orders- what do you need to know?

The pension is often one of the largest assets in the matrimonial pot, and provision for the future can often be a deep concern to separating spouses. … Read More

Judicial separation: What’s it all about?

Earlier this year, Jodie Kidd hit the papers for a 'quickie divorce' less than a year into the marriage. In fact this was yet another case of an oversimplification of family law &… Read More

Myth busting: men, women and who gets the kids

The New Fathers 4 Justice group have launched their latest direct action protest and ended up being hauled off the roof of Buckingham Palace. This is only the latest… Read More