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Monthly Divorce Archives: July 2015

‘For Laura’: Half-of-everything divorce stunt a hoax

For an English readership, the idea that a man in Germany had taken the 50/50 division of assets to its literal extreme may have evoked a wicked sense of schadenfreude. Perhaps t… Read More

British divorcee jailed for blackmailing ex-wife over 'revenge porn'

A British man has been jailed for 12 years at Truro crown court after he attempted to blackmail his wealthy ex-wife’s family. James Casbolt, 37, of St Ives in Cornwall, dema… Read More

English pensions and overseas divorces

What happens to a pension built up in England and Wales when the owner of the pension moves overseas, marries and divorces? Here we look at pensio… Read More

'Joint lives' maintenance awards fall in North

According to new research from a Manchester-based firm, increasing numbers of women are flocking down to London to have their divorces heard in the capital. The claim is that far… Read More

Cost of divorce set to increase

The price of getting a divorce is being hiked up by a third as the government announces plans to raise court fees. Married couples seeking a divorce will now be expected to pay £550… Read More

Get down the aisle on time or face divorce risk

Is there an optimum time to get married? Or rather, if you don’t get married by a certain point, is your marriage more likely to fail? Read More

Why couples don't divorce in Russia

Whether in England, the United States, or elsewhere in Western Europe, divorces involving the Russians tend to provide plenty of fodder for the world’s media. So why is it that divorce pr… Read More