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Monthly Divorce Archives: March 2015

Divorce makes you poorer

It is an unfortunate time to be an ex-wife in the British media. First it was the hotly anticipated decision in  Read More

In sickness and in health? Divorce and illness

Divorce lawyers are no stranger to the idea of broken vows, given that they deal with them every day, even though for married couples they can often spell disaster. B… Read More

Pensions and divorce

The pension is often one of the largest assets in a divorce. It will make up part of the asset schedule once divorce proceedings have been instigated. After the surprise over… Read More

Law Commission consultation on enforcing financial orders

The Law Commission has published a consultation paper to explore how best to enforce family financial orders. Family courts have the power to make financial orders for the benefit… Read More

Managing Director Catherine Thomas on Wyatt v. Vince Supreme Court Ruling

Managing director Catherine Thomas has had a hectic day in the media spotlight. Following the handing down of judgment in the Sup… Read More