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Monthly Family Law Archives: November 2015

Court of Protection access for public and media

A pilot scheme due to start in 2016 will allow the media and the public access to Court of Protection hearings. The scheme is designed to assess whether the Court should hold private hear… Read More

A short history of Gretna Green marriages

'Gretna Green indeed, is as superior in reality as it is in name. It looks as if it were the capital of the God of Love'. Robert Smith Surtees, ‘The Richest Commoner in… Read More

India bans commercial surrogacy for foreigners

The Indian government has announced plans to ban commercial surrogacy for foreigners, instead making it an option only for Indian couples. If these plans are c… Read More

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Art lecturer dismissed his ex-partner as a 'lodger'

After a two-year legal battle, art lecturer Rupert Ashmore has finally agreed to pay his ex-partner, Kim Woodward, the sum of £275,000. But this… Read More

Fiction vs Family Law: Suffragette and the history of adoption

My last blog looked at Suffragette and what it had to tell us about parental rights, but it only briefly touched on the topic of adoption, which the film doe… Read More

Court of protection: who bought all the pies?

In a somewhat unusual case before the Court of Protection, a divorced woman has lost control of her mother’s finances after she spent up to £250 a month on pastries. Read More

Re XZ [2015] and the Lasting Power of Attorney

Completion of a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) and its implementation (or registration) is considered relatively straightforward. However, this is rather deceptive, as the document and t… Read More