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Monthly Divorce Archives: November 2015

ONS figures show that divorce is declining

Last week the Office of National Statistics released figures showing that the divorce rate in England is continuing to fall, with the exception of an older generation of divorcees over th… Read More

Resolution research into impact of divorce on children

Family law organisation Resolution has conducted a survey on what children think about their parents divorcing, and the results were resounding. According to the survey, the vast maj… Read More

The Family Synod: outcomes

When I wrote about the launch of the Catholic Family Synod recently, I promised an update once the Synod had drawn to a close. So what’s the verdict?… Read More

‘Silver splitter’ divorce hits record high in South Korea

The rise in later-life divorces in England and Wales has been much publicised since the Office for National Statistics published its last figures on marriage and divorce. This trend doesn… Read More

Jersey Law Commission calls for radical change in divorce law

Not long after parliament debated Richard Bacon MP’s no-fault divorce bill for the first time, the Jersey Law Commission has published a report calling for radical reforms – i… Read More