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Monthly Family Law Archives: August 2014

Child abduction: resolving issues through mediation

Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution. Parties often engage in mediation, either to prevent the need to go to court, or to resolve as many contentious issues as possible p… Read More

Child abduction: the benefits of mediation

I have previously written on the potential value of mediation in child abduction a… Read More

Child Abduction: Grounds for instruction of an expert and the burden of proof fo...

The recent case of Re F (A Child) EWCA Civ 275 involved an appeal, arising out of proceedings under th… Read More

Committal in the Family Court – Part 2: Recent cases

Given the high procedural hurdle that must be surmounted to achieve a committal order, are they ever used in practice? This piece looks at a few examples in the last few years. Read More

Committal in the Family Court – Part 1: Procedure

The jurisdiction of England and Wales is renowned for its provision for the weaker party in financial remedy proceedings ancillary to a divorce. However, what goes hand in hand with this,… Read More

Grandparents to be granted greater rights?

With the next general election in sight, David Cameron, speaking at an event in North London, has suggested that grandparents who take care of children are getting the Read More