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Monthly Family Law Archives: December 2013

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Clare’s Law pilot scheme set to become a national scheme

Clare’s Law is a scheme that allows people to ask the police whether their partner has a history of domestic violence. Since September 2012 the scheme has been trialled by four poli… Read More

The Hague Convention used in Russia for the first time

The 1996 Hague Convention has been used in Russia for the first time, illustrating the significance of its use both at home and abroad in child abduction cases. Rachael Neustadt,… Read More

Farewell to the CSA: Child Maintenance Service (CMS) phased in

Over the last two decades family lawyers have looked on despairingly as the Child Support Agency (CSA) has changed its various names and formulas. Having shadowed the CSA since De… Read More

Senior Director Catherine Thomas is featured in The Financial Times

Catherine Thomas Will the clash of the titans in Young v Young result in a move to family arbitration? Catherine Thomas, Senior Director at Vardags a… Read More