Stephen Bence: Director of Strategy , Divorce Finance Expert

Stephen Bence

Stephen Bence is a divorce finance expert to Vardags and is also a Director of the Board. Stephen graduated with honours in Natural Science from the University of Cambridge and with a PhD in astrophysics from the Cavendish Laboratory in the University of Cambridge.

Stephen enjoyed a successful career as a strategy consultant at McKinsey & Co rising rapidly to the position of Engagement Manager. At McKinsey he worked with global blue chip organisations on a broad range of projects including: corporate strategy, mergers and acquisitions, organisational development, operational improvement, and financial management.

More recently Stephen has launched a series of successful ventures including Beauhurst (which monitors growing companies) and Spin-out Strategy DWC-LLC (which provides strategy consulting to high growth technology-enabled businesses).

At Vardags Stephen deals with complex financial cases, including valuation of private companies, interpretation of complex remuneration schemes, finding hidden assets, and liberating cash to allow clean-break settlements. For example, in a recent case Stephen identified that a Single Joint Expert had undervalued a private company by over 50%; he also identified ways in which to liberate cash from that private company to facilitate a prospective settlement. In another case Stephen showed that a partner in an investment fund had set up a complex remuneration structure to depress his short-term earnings in favour of massive long-term value.

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