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Pre-civil partnership agreements

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Introduction to to pre-civil partnership agreements

Since the Civil Partnership Act in December 2005 came into force, civil partnerships have granted same-sex couples the same legal rights as heterosexual married couples. The process of dissolution and the financial consequences of dissolution are therefore identical to those of marriage and are equally significant. It is highly recommended that same-sex couples enter into pre-civil partnership agreements irrespective of their individual wealth or the complexity of their individual circumstances. As with prenuptial agreements, pre-civil partnership agreements enable same-sex couples to discuss and agree how their assets shall be divided, and their children provided for in the unfortunate event of a relationship breakdown. Experience tells us that an agreement, made at the beginning of a happy and cooperative relationship is a far better alternative to the unpredictability, pain and cost of litigation that can follow an unhappy one. For more details please see our guide to pre-civil partnership agreements.

How Vardags can help with pre-civil partnership agreements

As industry leaders in prenuptial agreements we also have a vast amount of experience in dealing with the drawing up and enforcement of pre-civil partnership agreements. The process is delicate and should be diplomatically and respectfully handled without losing sight of the partnership that it is designed to facilitate. It is essential for both parties to enter into the agreement well in advance of the ceremony and with the benefit of full financial disclosure and independent legal advice.  This maximises the enforceability of the agreement.

Of course our experience in conventional divorce proceedings and our success in enforcing prenuptial agreements in cases such as Radmacher v Granatino are equally invaluable in this area. We provide bespoke advice to our clients on preparing and negotiating pre-civil partnership agreements in order to meet their particular needs. Therefore, if you or your partner are thinking about entering into a pre-civil partnership agreement you should consider the advantages of a pre-civil partnership agreement from the outset and obtain specialist legal advice before agreeing to limit or extend either of your interests within the partnership pot.

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Please note that Vardags provides a bespoke service to high net worth individuals seeking a pre-civil partnership agreement from a top family law firm. Our clients or their potential partners will typically have, or expect to have in the future, substantial assets or income.