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Introduction to nullity

If a marriage does not comply with the legal requirements of the state in which it has taken place, it might be deemed to be either a void marriage, requiring a petition in nullity not divorce (but still allowing for financial claims) or a non-marriage, in which case the only financial claims will be for the benefit of children.

How can Vardags help with nullity?

Vardags has worked on a number of leading cases in this field, treading the delicate path to establish the nature of the marriage in order to optimise the financial position of our clients.

Vardags has particular expertise in dealing with the breakdown of religious marriages where there are issues around the legal validity of the marriage.

The breakdown of any relationship is difficult and it only proves to be more of a minefield if complications surrounding the form of the marriage arise. Vardags has really exceptional experience at the cutting edge in this very specialist area of law.

The first step is to arrange a meeting with one of our solicitors. Therefore, please call us on 020 7404 9390 or email us to make an appointment to come and see us.

Please note that Vardags provides a bespoke service to high net worth individuals seeking advice on nullity from a top private client and family law firm. Our clients or their (former) partners will typically have substantial assets or income.