Spousal financial provision

Finances upon breakdown of a civil partnership

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Introduction to finances upon breakdown of a civil partnership

When meeting new clients who are facing relationship difficulties we will generally discuss three main issues: any children, dissolution of civil partnerships and the financial arrangements.  The uncertainty of your future financial security or protection adds a significant additional stress to an already difficult time.  There are a number of options available to parties looking to resolve the financial arrangements with their partner.   Consideration is given to whether and what level of income and capital provision should be made for the less wealthy party and for the benefit of any children of the family.  If your case is suitable your solicitor should discuss the possibility of referring you to mediation.   Mediators are independent third parties who will attempt to facilitate an agreement between the parties.  In the first instance your solicitor will seek to come to an agreement on your behalf through negotiations with your spouse’s solicitor.  If this is not possible, you will most likely be advised to apply to begin financial proceedings at court.   For more details please refer to our guide to finances upon breakdown of a civil partnership.

How Vardags can help with finance upon breakdown of civil partnership

As leading experts in our field we are constantly dealing with unusual and complex cases. We are regularly acting for or against partners who have significant international business interests, often with significant assets held outside the jurisdiction and/or in intricate trust or corporate structures where ownership is in question.  Uniquely, we have the benefit of an in-house financial and commercial team, headed by Dr Stephen Bence.   In cases where your partner thinks that your assets are much higher than the reality we are experts in presenting your case in a persuasive way, emphasising liabilities, risk, taxation, and so on.  In cases where you think that your partner is hiding assets or under-valuing them we are experts in outwitting them by finding the true assets and pinning down their value.  Many of our cases are pioneering in how we apply the law and we have an unmatched track record in successfully applying or challenging the existing law to get the best possible result for our clients.

Clients who have not yet separated from their civil partner but are seeking some preliminary advice, either because they are considering leaving their partner or believe their partner is considering the same, frequently contact us. Please, therefore, do contact us even if you feel that you are only in the very early stages of discussions with your partner or simply to assess your options and exposure.

The first step is to arrange a meeting with one of our solicitors. Therefore, please call us on 020 7404 9390 or email us to make an appointment to come and see us.

Please note that Vardags provides a bespoke service to high net worth individuals seeking advice on finances upon breakdown of a civil partnership from a top family law firm. Our clients or their partners will typically have substantial assets or income.