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Vardags is a world renowned, top family law firm,  dealing with many with high profile cases; from celebrities and foreign royals to high net worth and international individuals.

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Vardags were the victors in the UK’s biggest and highest-profile international case, the £100 million Supreme Court battle of Radmacher v Granatino, between a German wife in Monaco and a French husband in London.  


We understand the impact that divorce can have upon families. Depending on your particular needs we will discuss the arrangements to be made for your children, the appropriate financial provision for the less wealthy spouse, and the grounds for divorce.

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Vardags acts equally for both the financially stronger and weaker parties: for the former with strategies for wealth protection, for the latter with robust claims and mechanisms for funding our top quality litigation. Uniquely we have an in-house commercial expert to advise on finding and valuing hidden assets and income.

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Vardags acts with compassion and sensitivity and holds the interests of the children paramount. We fight to stop children being used as pawns in litigation and to ensure they have continued, meaningful relationships with both parents wherever possible.

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Ayesha Vardag
Ayesha Vardag is Vardags’ eponymous President and founder. Dual-trained as a solicitor and barrister with a background in finance law in the City, her varied career has taken her all over the world. She transferred to family law after her own divorce and set up her own boutique practice in 2005. She is the lawyer who made prenuptial agreements enforceable in England and Wales with the Supreme Court case of Radmacher. Ayesha is a frequent commentator in the national and international press as well as on broadcast media.