Q:How does Vardags help company executives?


Vardags are top divorce solicitors for company executives: we have worked for many diverse company executives including CEOs and other CXOs. We have a deep understanding of the particular issues that company executives face during divorce. Typically the key feature in such cases is the ongoing generation of income (including variable remuneration elements) and the extent to which this should be shared with the spouse/partner. In addition the valuation of key assets is often a key part of any financial settlement.

Vardags uniquely has an in-house financial/commercial expert, Dr Stephen Bence, to help with these matters. We have also recruited top quality corporate lawyers and integrated them into our family law teams. Of course many other issues may be relevant to your case such as postnuptial agreements, domestic violence and child contact arrangements and Vardags is expert in all these family law matters

Vardags offers an initial consultation without charge for qualified individuals. To book a meeting please call 020 7404 9390 or email us.

Vardags is a top family law firm that specialises in complex cases often involving an international element. If you cannot find answers to your questions here, please consult our ‘family law guide‘ for further information, call us on 0207 717 9979  or email