Q:My ex-partner won’t pay what the court ordered, what can I do?


If your ex-partner is refusing to pay then there are a number of options available. The most usual methods are as follows:

–       Obtaining a charging order over property owned by your ex-partner, whether owned in their sole name or otherwise;

–       Obtaining a third party debt order effectively to seize any money that your ex-partner has paid or owes to a third party;

–       Obtaining an attachment of earnings order, so that any monies due under the order can be deducted from your ex-partner’s salary;

–       Obtaining a warrant of possession or execution to seize goods or secure possession of premises; and

–       Applying to the court for an order that interest be paid upon sums over £5,000 at the judgment rate of 8%.


To maximise the chance of recovery steps should be taken to enforce your maintenance within 12 months of arrears falling due.

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