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Vardags offer expert advice for high income and high net worth clients. We produce life-changing results for our clients, challenging the law when necessary. Whether you are considering starting a case, or in proceedings and not sure that it is going the right way, we can meet with you and give you the advice you need.

Our clients often tell us that they wish they had taken advice from us earlier in the process in one of the following scenarios:

I’m not sure if I’m ready to get divorced

We often hear from our clients that they wish they had taken advice earlier. They have been reluctant to speak with lawyers while making up their mind about whether to get divorced, to increase access to their children, or to prevent escalating domestic abuse.

We understand that it divorce is not an easy thing to think about, but if you do not get the right advice early on you may find that your options and opportunities are limited. Early advice is crucial in any case where you are worried that your spouse may be able to start proceedings abroad or where they might hide assets.

We firmly believe that it is never too early to take professional advice. We are often able to provide reassurance that a favourable outcome is likely and that taking decisive action puts you in control of your destiny, allowing you to get on with the rest of your life.

We offer completely confidential initial consultations without charge for qualified individuals. We will never pressurize you to proceed before you are ready. Please call 020 7477 2185 or email us.

Waiting for your spouse to take the first step

Some of our clients tackle their problems head on. Others sit back and wait for their spouse to take the first step.

In our view waiting is almost always a mistake. In some cases, the cost of delay can be enormous. Waiting may risk the client’s spouse issuing proceedings in another jurisdiction and this can have enormous consequences for the ultimate outcome of the case (for instance, as you might imagine some countries are far less generous to the financially weaker party than the UK).

Even if jurisdiction isn’t a problem, your spouse might use the delay to make things harder for you. They could start hiding assets to prevent you from getting your fair share or start spending uncontrollably to increase their claim. They may even try to stop you from being able to see your children.

Issuing proceedings first often makes a client feel more in control of their own destiny. Divorce can be difficult, but it is also about building your own, independent future. Taking charge and taking the first step is an important part of that.

We offer completely confidential initial consultation without charge for qualified individuals. We will never pressurize you to proceed before you are ready. Please call 020 7477 2185 or email us.

I’m thinking about getting divorced without a lawyer

The legal fees of a top divorce lawyer can seem expensive, but it may be the best investment you ever make. When it comes to divorce, your entire asset base will be part of the dispute, and your fees will likely be only a small percentage of this.

Our team are highly trained, experienced at expert at what they do. Our advice will make an invaluable difference to your case.

Clients often approach us after trying to do a DIY job on their litigation. At the start, everything had seemed amicable and they felt able to handle everything on their own. As matters progressed it became apparent to them that their spouse wasn’t being totally candid about the finances, the range of issues was becoming too much too handle, or their spouse took on top notch lawyers and they felt the need to have equality of arms.

In our experience the difference between doing it yourself and having top quality representation can be huge in terms of the ultimate outcome. Our clients find that their investment in our fees pays back many times over and having us involved removes a great deal of day-to-day stress.

We offer completely confidential initial consultations without charge for qualified individuals. Please call 020 7477 2185 or email us.

I'm not happy with my current solicitor

It is remarkable how often we are approached by clients who are unhappy with their current solicitors or would like a second opinion. Often they have initially selected local solicitors without the requisite experience of complex cases, have a personality clash with their solicitor, or have been palmed off on junior staff without justification.

We can give a second opinion without your current solicitors finding out. If you ultimately like what you hear and would like to switch, we can handle the whole process for you and you don’t even need to speak with your current solicitors.

We offer completely confidential initial consultations without charge for qualified individuals. Please call 020 7477 2185 or email us.

Qualifying Individuals

Vardags specialise in cases involving high net worth individuals, their families and their companies.  Free consultations are offered for clients with net assets in excess of £2million or involved in other high value disputes.
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If you need a lawyer immediately because a person has been taken into custody or involved in an incident, Vardags can provide emergency legal cover at any time. We offer a swift response in person, anywhere in London or within the M25. Outside that area we may still be able to help. Call our confidential 24 hour enquiry line for immediate help.If you have been arrested or you are the subject of a dawn raid we strongly recommend you have a lawyer present in order to advise you on your options in dealing with police and other investigating bodies and to ensure your rights are protected. Note that we normally charge £350 per hour including travel time and our fees in connection with emergency legal services will usually be a minimum of £2,000 + VAT.
*All enquiries are completely confidential. We do not handle Legal Aid cases. Our lawyers do not undertake criminal work on a no win, no fee basis.
We will only use your information to respond to your enquiry.

*Free consultation for qualifying individuals. We do not undertake legal aid work but there are often other ways to fund your case. We do not act on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis in civil disputes.

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