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Widespread media coverage as specialist divorce lawyer Ayesha Vardag calls for no-fault divorce

Widespread media coverage as specialist divorce lawyer Ayesha Vardag calls for no-fault divorce

Ayesha Vardag’s calls for no-fault divorce have resounded throughout the national media.

The case of Tini Owens, woman who has taken her fight to obtain a divorce to the Court of Appeal, has prompted the public examination of English divorce law. Ayesha has been reported arguing in BBC News, The Telegraph and the Daily Mail, among other outlets, that the case highlights the need for change.

Ayesha explained live on the BBC World Service today that though Tini Owen’s case is unusual, it points towards a more fundamental problem with the “fault based system” in the UK which forces couples to “sling mud” to prove that their marriage has irretrievably broken down.

She described the system as a “barbaric relic of former times” which gravely threatened the chance for former-couples to remain friends and effective co-parents.

“A change in the English law is fundamentally required”, she argued.

Ayesha has long been lobbying for no-fault divorce, but laments that there is too little political will to make changes that would be so beneficial to family life.

Other news outlets reporting on Ayesha’s calls for change include Independent.iethe i, AOL UK, the Belfast Telegraph, The Yorkshire PostRTE.ieDarlington and Stockton TimesThe Westmorland GazetteHerald SeriesPeeblesshire NewsYour Local GuardianEast Lothian CourierShropshire StarExpress and StarNews & StarWiltshire Business and The Bolton News.

Tini Owens awaits judgment at the Court of Appeal.

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